April: spring is here!

April is the start of the tourist season in Tuscany and Italy, when Easter livens up towns and cities with  events and plenty of sweet specialities. Days start getting longer, temperatures are mild and there’s a excitement in the air. The countryside awakensand explodes into colour. All around Tuscany in April many small towns host markets and flower festivals, and the beautiful Tuscan gardens have a few surprises for their visitors.

The countryside is beautifully green with plenty of fruit trees in bloom and flowers in the fields. This year, the temperatures were high enough that wisteria was in bloom at the beginning of the month and poppies are already dotting the fields. There are tender light green leaves on the trees and everything is so bright and colorful! For all spring lovers, end of April and early May are the best months of the year to be here.

If you plan on visiting the vineyards, this is the month when the first leaves appear on the vines after the winter. In the olive groves, you will see people pruning the trees.

April and May are also the months of the many flower festivals in Tuscany. Pisa celebrates spring with a lovely event called Pisa in Fiore during which the city is transformed in a gigantic garden.

April is essentially the beginning of the season when you can get delicious vegetables and fruit, so make sure to stop at a vegetable market!

A tradition not to miss in the area of Grosseto is the annual Sagra Lunghino, a special type of hand rolled pasta made from flour and water.

If not in Tuscany, do come visit us in Singapore’s Cluny Court and Marina Square where our new spring collection has just arrived!

With spring greetings from Italy and „alla prossima volta“!



Alfie Browns

Kian K