Antiques hunting in May

In Tuscany there are countless historical markets gathering since decades once a month antique dealers and collectors throughout Italy. These flea markets and antique fairs are ideal places for great shopping among the rarest objects and most of them are in beautiful villages.

My favourite is the antique fair in Lucca, which is close to my home. About 220 exhibitors gather here on the second oldest antique fair in Italy that happens every third weekend of the month. You can find a bit of everything as antique furniture, prints, textiles and objects.

More south of Tuscany you find the Arezzo antique market. It’s even bigger but also even more touristic and held regularly the first weekend of every month. There are now 500 vendors from across the country selling their goods at the market, which is visited by around 30,000 customers. 

Much smaller is the Antique Market in Pistoia: just about 50 antique dealers gather along Via Cavour and Via Bozzi, in the center of Pistoia, the second weekend of every month except July and August. The city is not top of the list for most Tuscany visitors and it's less crowded but the ancient town is same pretty and there's lots of nice restaurants and cafes around. 

If not in Tuscany, do come visit us in Singapore’s Cluny Court and Marina Square where our new spring collection has just arrived!

With spring greetings from Italy and „alla prossima volta“!



Alfie Browns

Kian K