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In Italy a history of fine dressmaking, steeped in a rich tradition of textile production, combined with skilled artisans for specialist creation in leather, silk and jewelry is inherent. Italian fashion is a lifestyle and a tradition. The art of fashion was not only invented here, but still lives on in every day life today.

Alfie Browns’ fashion, founded 1923 in Florence, Italy, incorporates the very aspect of Italian nonchalance, the ease and effortless way of looking elegant yet casual and cool. No wonder as its founder Alfie Browns, an Italian - British couturier and socialite established its roots almost 100 years ago when dressing Italian stars and influencers in his Tuscan label. 

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Florence hometown of Fashion

Florence hometown of Fashion


Alfie Browns products are 100% made in Italy. Ethical workmanship, environmental stewardship and sustainable production practice combined with the use of nest natural materials are the very essence of our production in Tuscany. From our sketchbooks over sourcing materials to the final stitches of a dress, an Alfie Browns product respects the heritage of Italian quality and lifestyle. 

From the sketchbook

From the sketchbook


Our feminine contemporary collections use only natural dyes and colors emphasizing our premium quality fabrics of cotton, silks and environmental friendly tercal and modal. Environmental stewardship and Italian craftsmanship along with artisanal sourcing and tailoring is what Alfie Browns stands for. 

Alfie Browns - a legendary sportsman

Alfie Browns - a legendary sportsman


Alongside a glamorous Valentino dress or the latest Gucci bag every woman needs a few Alfie Brown essentials in her closet. Comfortable, easy to wear, yet elegant Alfie Browns desirable style brings a piece of Tuscany to Asia. In our boutiques the artisanal touch is translated into a personal shopping experience.

Always in search for something new and with 10 stylish collections per year, customers don’t have to fly to Florence, but visit our boutiques in Singapore and Australia or simply shop online alfiebrowns.com.