Palio di Siena - Italy's most famous Horse Race

It's July again at the month starts with one of Italys most famous and most traditional events: Palio di Siena, which in fact is a 90-second horse race and held twice a year. If you could not make it on 2nd July you'll have another chance to see on 16th August.  90 seconds for a horse race may sound short but for Sienese, it is so much more than that: it is an embodiment of civic pride that has been held since 1644.


Ten horses and riders representing ten of the city wards compete in the 90-second race around the Piazzo del Campo. But the Palio is not just horserace or a tourist invention, it is a way of life that dominates throughout the year.

There are seventeen contrade, or wards and each contrada is a city within a city that provides a social structure, a support network and civic identity and that makes the Palio more than a horserace: it is about Sienese pride – the rivalry between the contrade.

As it's limited to 10, not all contrada have a horse running but all of them celebrate with a series of dinners, doing parades thought the city in traditional uniforms. Palio is life, emotions and four endless days of spectacle and so much to see: There's even a horse blessing before the race at the local church.



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With sunny greetings from Italy and „alla prossima volta“!



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