Italy in Hollywood - an Exhibition at Ferragamo Museum

Florence is so rich of culture and famous for it's museums. If you are not into renaissance art. there's still plenty of options. Until March 2019, Ferragamos private museum helds and exhibition about Italy in Hollywood. A must see for fashion lover like us:


The years from 1915 to 1927, which Salvatore Ferragamo spent in California, are the source of inspiration for the new exhibition hosted by Museo Salvatore Ferragamo, focusing on the presence of Italians in that area and their influence on various sectors, from art to craftsmanship, and in the nascent film industry.

The exhibition begins with the 1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition in San Francisco, where the Italian Pavilion designed by Marcello Piacentini consolidated the Americans’ appreciation for Italian art and architecture.

Against a backdrop of Italian immigration to that territory, and that of Hollywood, which was about to become the world capital of cinema, the story is told about characters who already in those days were enveloped by a mythical aura, figures like Enrico Caruso, Lina Cavalieri, Tina Modotti, and Rudolph Valentino; epic films like Cabiria, Romola and Ben-Hur; the Star System; the important role played by Italian musicians, the birth of jazz; and, lastly, the many Italian immigrants who, like Salvatore Ferragamo, made an essential contribution to the creation of Hollywood.

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