Gilli: The oldest café in Florence

In Florence, where some things never change, there are plenty of businesses still doing things the old way. A great way to experience this is with a stop-off at Caffé Gilli, which is the oldest café in the city of Florence. Established by a Swiss family in Medici-era Florence, it started as a pastry shop steps away from the Duomo. in the mid-1800s, In the early 1900s, they moved to its current location in Piazza della Repubblica with its beautiful original Belle Epoque Interior.

Always known as an elegant stage and living room for city life, in the 1900s, Caffè Gilli served as a meeting place for famous writers, intellectuals, and artists.

Still a meeting point for locals it’s also a must see for a Florence Visitor.

Alternatively, visit Da Nerbone (established in 1872) for an affordable and authentic Tuscan lunch of tripe rolls in the Mercato Centrale.


If not in Florence, visit us in Singapores Cluny Court or Tangs.

With sunny greetings from Italy and „alla prossima volta“!



Alfie Browns

Kian K