June in Tuscany is all about wine

June is the month when I start enjoying my country house. The greens of the forrest are fresh and crisp, there's a fragrance of flowers and herbs everywhere and a warm breeze goes through the house. I am also harvesting my first delicious cherries of the year, while the ones on my second tree which will be ready mid June are even sweeter. 

There's nothing that goes better with a relaxing day on the country side than a glass of good wine and some of the best wines in the world are just from my neighbourhood. Even if the vineyards and the ”cantinas” (wine cellars) can be visit all around the year , the month of June is special because it marks the beginning of the new wine season. Famous events take place this month celebrating the flavors, colors, tannins and much more about the wine production in Chianti and all over Tuscany (actually all over Italy!)

There's various events in Tuscany: conferences, culinary workshops, and tastings, all aimed to entertain and divulge information about the centuries-long agricultural activities of Tuscany; a magnificent testament to leave future generations. 

My favourite one is Mostar del Chianti, the Chianti Exhibit in Montespertoli

It is now over 60 years that they have been showcasing the beauty of the region, with a special accent on the wine production of the area. The event takes place from May 26th to June 3, 2018 in the beautiful ancient city of Montespertoli. This festival is considered by us locals an important aspect of our cultural and folkloric background and covers not only wine: this year the village will be overflowing with colorful blossoms due to the side exhibition “Montespertoli, a city of flowers”. It's great entertainment for both children and adults with live street performances, concerts, and theatre shows, but the one that probably stands out among all is the historical parade. A faithful re-enactment of daily scenes of the early ‘900's, that accurately represent the social and historical backdrop of a society mostly devoted to agricultural activities, its habits, and customs. Many top quality Tuscan and Italian wine cellars are opening their doors to visitors and experts during June unveiling not just the great flavors of all kinds of wines but also some of the secrets of their production. 

Food lovers shall not miss the Saga del Fungo Porcino, the porcini mushroom festival in Palazzolo. Just south of Florence, in the area of Figline Valdarno you will find the town is busy preparing fragrant dishes with the porcini mushrooms: for the pasta, on the grill, fried, sauteed - every way is delicious.

If not in Tuscany, do come visit us in Singapore’s Cluny Court and Marina Square where our new summer collection has just arrived!

With sunny greetings from Italy and „alla prossima volta“!



Alfie Browns

Kian K