March: Mimosa for the Signora

March the 8th is Women's Day in Italy - A controversial holiday:  Many women criticise that they don't want to be treated as a protected species and everyday should be Women's day. However ladies, life is taking opportunities and here's a day off that can be enjoyed with friends, food and fun. - For me as a gentlemen it's an opportunity to say thank you to all the lovely ladies that surround me with a little bunch of Mimosa that is sold by street vendors all over Tuscany that day. 

The tradition of giving and receiving Mimosa bunches us now over 70 years old: At the end of World War II Italian feminists picked the mimosa flower as a symbol of strength, sensibility, and sensitivity but Mimosa is also the first flower to bloom in Tuscany and indicating springs arrival. 

If not in Tuscany, do come visit us in Singapore’s Cluny Court and Marina Square where our new spring collection has just arrived!

With spring greetings from Italy and „alla prossima volta“!



Alfie Browns

Kian K