Tuscany in October

This month is rich in events and festivals all across the region. Tradition and historical reenactments will guide you the days in the exploration of the region and its history. While Tuscany is a wonderful place for tourists, it still offers many chances to glimpse the daily life and take part in the traditions and history, art and culture of locals who organize these events for themselves. October in Tuscany offers the bright colors of Lucca and Arezzo, the deep-seated competition between Pescia and Asciano, and sweet aromas from Pistoia.

Pistoia is Italys cultural capital 2017: Between classical music concerts, art exhibits, cultural activities, blues & jazz in the town squares and so much more, this stunning little Tuscan town is showing cultural prowess. Over 200 events, including theater, music, book presentations, learning labs and many more happens during this month. 

End of October we start harvesting our olives, as well as the first pressing that leads to our renown extra virgin olive oil. It's also grape harvesting time (although sometimes it starts earlier in September), and many people eagerly await the novello wines (which literally means the season's newly made wine).

But that’s our next chapter...


Alfie Browns

Alfie Browns